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... If the kitchen does not sell in time, you either make the choice to store the kitchen or I come back, load the kitchen up and throw it away if needed. Second hand kitchens can bring fast cash if they are sold cheaply...(designer kitchens contact me within). My service for un-install only is quoted on an un-install only basis, so as new buyers for your old kitchen don't have the hassle of them trying to take the kitchen out themselves, and you don't have to worry about any old person coming into your home and pulling it apart.

When I un-install the kitchen in a professional manner, I leave the dismantled kitchen in a ready to pick up state, all services to the kitchen i.e. gas, water and electricals are isolated. New buyers looking for second hand kitchens, are very keen for kitchens that have already been dismantled. My dismantle only service is very affordable, and could help you get on the road to your new kitchen installation.


As far as disconnecting electricals, gas and water go, I do all the work.


Phone/text 0417223923

Email: skr@sydneykitchenremovals.com.au