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If you have an enquiry or require a fast quote, all you need to do is call, text or email me.

If you require a quote for a second hand kitchen dismantle and or delivery, just text or email any photos and or links to me, and I will contact you ASAP about the job. Usually I need to know what the access is like to get to the kitchen i.e. - are there any stairs or elevators involved, how close can I park a trailer or Pantech truck to the area.


You can also pick up your own kitchen that i can dismantle for you, so you don't need to worry about the dismantle process, example this kitchen i dismantled for the owners to pick up them selves. Crows Nest Kitchen


If you have an enquiry or require a quote for a kitchen strip out and dump, the same applies, send me through some pictures and I will contact you with a quote.


All my services are very affordable  - I will stay competitive - My communications are fast


Normally with kitchen dismantles or strip outs, I do the work myself, Most kitchen strip outs take me around

3-4 hours depending on how big they are. I then have to incorporate tips fees into the price. Since I have done many kitchens now, I have a good idea on the cost of the fees just looking at your kitchen. All stoves, ovens, sinks and microwaves are free to dump as recyclables. All timber cabinets and tops require a tip fee.


If you require me to strip off any wall tiles and/or floor coverings these will require an additional charge unless there is not to many tiles, i will include it anyway. Any floor coverings will have to be done at an hourly rate, due to not knowing if the floor tiles or vinyl floors have any sub surface coverings, as many places do these days.

Some vinyl type lino floors are easy to pull up


As far as disconnecting electricals, gas and water go, I do all the work.


Email: skr@sydneykitchenremovals.com.au